Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Getting kids to read

Teachers have their say...

The Book Bus brings an important resource to our school both for the learners and for the teachers. We had very few books so children never had the opportunity to hold and read a book. When the Book Bus arrives there is great excitement from the children. It’s wonderful to see them reading books and producing colourful creative drawings and models. 

The Book Bus volunteers do a brilliant job helping the children read and engaging them in books. They bring the stories alive and the children love it. The children learn so much and have fun as well.

The Book Bus has donated many books to the school and we have now started to stock our library. 

So many of the Book Bus volunteers are ready to share their skills with us and this means that we can carry on the great work once the volunteers have left us."

Watson Tanga, Head, Masuku Primary School