Friday, 17 December 2010

Book Bus Journal - Ecuador 26/07/10

Book Bus Ecuador in Puerto Lopez

A warm hello to all of you from Puerto López. The Book Bus is spending 2 months here. We started the volunteer work this past week and had two girls on the team. There was a school break so, we gather children form anywhere and everywhere that want to in join with the activities and the reading. Here's a brief rundown of the the week:

Book Bus Journal - Zambia 18/07/10

Botswana Road Trip & the Bus is back!!

The bus is back in service! We have had the bus raised and now it can pass some of the Zambian potholed roads and reach the schools we are visiting this year! We have been using it again the past 2 weeks and the kids are pleased to see it! 

Life at schools is very settled and we met the mayor at Nakatindi on Tuesday who was very impressed with our work! We have been lucky to receive a new shipment of books from the UK. This was very exciting! There are mostly non fiction books but these have proved a real hit in the last week, because as well as reading the children are also learning new facts, from how sunflowers grow from seeds and caterpillars turn into butterflies to how children around the world live in different kinds or homes and have different types of hair!!

Book Bus Journal - Zambia 29/06/10

Wintertime, The World Cup and Our Timetable!

Zambian winter is here again! Temperatures at night are plummeting but everyday dawns bright and clear. The sessions at school now take place in the sunshine as the shade is far too cold! Daytime temperatures are still between 25 and 30C so we can’t complain too much! The Bookbus truck is now fully recognisable as it’s been painted with our logo. We have had shelves custom made, it looks like a moving library. So we aren’t just greeted with cries of m’zungo but also “give me one book!” and it’s now well known all around Livingstone. 

Book Bus Journal - Zambia 05/06/10

New school, Nshima and Zimbabwe!

So the schools are now in full swing as is the Bookbus project. We are visiting 4 of the same schools as last year but one we have changed and the Maanu Mbwabi school is fast becoming a favourite amongst the volunteers.

Book Bus Journal - Zambia 17/05/10

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Linda community school and were given our usual warm welcome. The kids and the teachers were so happy to see us back and we began our usual 1 hour lessons with grades 4 to 7. The children at Linda now look very smart as the entire school has been donated uniforms by a local church. Attendance was quite low on Tuesday but when word spread that we were back Wednesday the numbers had grown. It was great to see the World Food Program delivering food again and hopefully this will improve attendance too.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Book Bus Journal - Zambia 08/05/10

Back to Lubasi!

So the first volunteers of 2010 have arrived and our first stop was a visit to the spectacular Victoria Falls.

Book Bus Journal Entry - 01/05/10

Return to Zambia!!

Returning to Livingstone I was expecting sunshine and blue skies....what i got was...