Monday, 23 March 2015

Learning is fun with the Book Bus

What's it like to be on a Book Bus project in Livingstone? 

Book Bus volunteer and primary school teacher, Becky Mannering shares her experience with us. 

My adventures in Livingstone on the Book Bus were the most rewarding, amazing and heart-warming experiences of my life. 

The Book Bus brings a smile to hundreds of children’s faces and is the highlight of their day. On arriving at the schools, you are greeted by very enthusiastic children, eager to learn, with the biggest smiles. I will never forget the smiles of the children running alongside the bus. The Book Bus brings books to life for the children and enables them to learn in a fun, interactive way and allows the children to be creative. Seeing 100 pairs of eyes peering out at you through a lion mask or 100 children wearing elephant headbands joining in with the actions to delightful stories is quite an unforgettable sight.

I had the most amazing time when I was in Livingstone. It has opened my eyes to a whole new part of the world; I can’t wait to spend more time in Africa. I would recommend the Book Bus to everybody.