Monday, 7 February 2011

A tale of understanding from Ecuador

The Book Bus in Píntag

A smile from a child that has been beaten, a smile from a child that has lost 
his mum, a smile from a child that hasn’t had reason to smile in years is what 
the members of the BOOK BUS need to feel good. For a moment a smile from a child 
with dirt in his face and a sparkle of sadness in his eyes might steal a tear 
from the BOOK BUS volunteers. A small school in Píntag, a small town close to 
Valle de los Chillos, was the school that invited the BOOK BUS members to have 
this wonderful experience. Small beautiful smiles to bigger ones were present, 
all ages from 3 to 13, all sitting down with their heads up showing a lot of 
respect and humbleness. Their faces were like carved by the hands of god, they 
had eyes that had a hope and plead of some love. Each member of the BOOK BUS had 
a moment to read and have a pleasant moment with these children. The way how the 
books have a connection with the children is something that no scientist or 
doctor can explain. Their imagination bursts and gives away a dream, monkeys, 
fishes swimming in the dark seas and eagles overflying the clouds in a cold 
winter are some of the images that these children get in their small and curious 
minds.  Juanita Neira the godmother of the BOOK BUS shared this moment with us. 
An activity that incorporated all the students and the BOOK BUS was something 
that showed how a story can be made from our hearts. This experience made us 
open our eyes and see the reality of how many children right next to us need a 
book and also some love to have a smile painted in their faces.

Jaime Andrés Durán (Year 12)
Jaime is a pupil at the British School in Quito which participates in the 
BISEE Book Bus school2school exchange programme in Ecuador